BeeCore - Agile Business Process Automation

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BeeCore is a flexible business database that features a powerful configuration framework, combined with a role based authorization system, and an integrated report generator. This allows BeeCore to support arbitrary data and processes.

Some examples of the different BeeCore applications for our customers are described for you.


BeeCore is the optimal tool for IT projects executed according to the Rapid Produtyping methodology.

Data Definition

  • Allows definition of arbitrary data structures and their relations
  • Definition of Object Types (for example "Customer", "Order", ...)
  • Definition of object attributes (for example the customers address)
  • Links between Object Types (for example, an order to a customer)
  • The data definition can be done by non-IT experts

Data Entry

  • Office like data entry under Windows and Mac OS X
  • Data import from Excel spreadsheets and other systems
  • Optional historization of all data changes
  • Several users can access the system and process data in parallel
  • A flexible authorization system allows the definition of access rights, down to a single array

Data Evaluation

  • Interactive reports in table format with "Drill Down" and filter functionality
  • Create formatted PDF Documents (for example, an order, an invoice, etc...)
  • Graphic presentation of reports in Excel via the BeeCore Plug-In
  • Data can be transferred to a data warehouse over the integrated data mart
  • Baseline functionality for creating snapshots at defined points in time