Bee4IT is made for…

The Chief Information Officer

Achieve a true IT/Business partnership based on collaboration by focusing on what is most important to your business

Improve results and outcomes by driving accountability throughout your organization

Manage your IT department more efficiently using cost and financial transparency

The Enterprise Architect

Create new and disruptive business models in alignment with the business

Optimize the cost of your IT Landscape

Work together with your business in responding to change

The Financial Manager

Have all relevant financial information in one place and enable reasonable decisions

Ensure realistic, up-to-date, and reliable data by making your IT staff work in the system

Explain IT spend allocations transparently, for example, during board and business reviews by providing multiple views of the IT budget

The Project Management Office

Give strategic support by analyzing business cases as well as EA impact

Have full portfolio control while accessing multiple plan vs actual views, for example on budget, efforts, and progress

Execute projects tactically by tracking the entire portfolio with homogenized reports overseeing progress and capacity