Innovate the Business while delivering reliably

Challenges of a CIO

Today, CIOs need to ensure reliable, affordable delivery to business customers while also supporting business innovation. Both require a deep understanding of the company‘s business and the technologies able to disrupt it.


Check how to overcome those challenges using Bee4IT in the section below.

The CIO’s role is expanding and evolving: Today’s expectations include more accountability and driving business success


New challenges, like shorter innovation cycles, Industry 4.0 / the convergence of IT/OT in manufacturing require a different mindset for the CIO to become a driver and reliable enabler of business and IT transformation.

Innovation & Disruption

Increasing disruption of “classical” business models by IT (e.g., IoT) demands to recognize abilities of technologies that may disrupt your industry in time (disrupt before you get disrupted!) and an even higher understanding of the business and its challenges by the CIO.

Regional Balance

Balance of regions
Increasingly global approaches to business and IT require understanding of various regional factors and regulatory change (for example GDPR and e-Privacy regulation) to find the best balance between global and local IT.


There is continuous pressure to cut or control costs to prepare for transformation or to drive profitability in operational IT management, i.e., in keeping your core systems running and fulfilling business demands.

Transform your IT organization to innovate the business while delivering reliably using the Bee4IT methodology

Close the business/IT language gap by creating a common framework

Increase efficiency and control costs by reducing variations in business processes

Ideate and create new and disruptive business models with a better understanding of business context and drivers

Use project and service capabilities as the critical drivers of steering, decisions, customer commitment, and strategy execution

Create fact-based trust and reliability with realistic delivery promises while including your customers with approval processes, for example the project approval process

Reduce cost by connecting IT efforts to customer needs and business outcomes and benefits

Increase delivery speed and reduce cost by creating synergies in testing and documentation using a value chain driven approach

Be reliable and business-focused in your IT delivery

Make your IT staff partners in business outcomes and move cost and delivery responsibility to the same person

Integrate the business into your project approval processes and clarify business efforts

Use employee self-planning to predict resource shortages early and motivate your people to deliver what was promised

Increase data quality via information, instantaneous feedback, entered by the people doing the work into an integrated tool

Accurately predict and defend your high-level budgets and reduce time and cost variance with rolling IT forecasts

Reduce planning efforts by linking the information for all views on finances (for example, PPM and IT Controlling) instead of planning separately

Get reliable and consistent project information by generating status reports automatically from real data reduction of manual efforts and errors

Speed up change to a new methodology and control process compliance by flexible and detailed views of delivery throughout your organization

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