Achieve better business outcomes

Challenges of an Enterprise Architect

Today, Enterprise Architects have to proactively build a future-oriented enterprise architecture for the best possible support of the enterprise`s business goals – short and long term. The first challenge is responding to change. Here, the main drivers are:

cost efficiency goals
business strategy
functional demands
improvement of product quality

In addition, external challenges need to be overcome:

disrupting technologies
changes in legislation (GDPR, for example)
IT security threats

Therefore, a new form of EA practice is needed, based on a higher degree of executive engagement of IT and business to demonstrate the value of EA. The current perception of EA is focused on technology and governance. This is a major risk to missing business opportunities and to fail in supporting the business strategy.


Check how to overcome those challenges using Bee4IT in the section below.

Achieve better business outcomes in a true partnership with your stakeholders using the Bee4IT EA practice

Associate the business architecture model with information, solution, and technology layers to understand solution patterns rather than the exact solutions needed

Connect new technologies in the market with your business architecture and analyze the impact

Gather all relevant information and change drivers to make better decisions and to support digital business

Reduce unnecessary variants of business processes together with process experts

Design and implement agile IT, streamlined to business processes in alignment with business strategies

Get a clear and complete picture on the cost of your architecture

For Business process experts show a detailed but aligned view on EA to assess process variants

For Business Unit executives visualize the big picture to improve decision making, for example:

link business capabilities to your strategy
demonstrate relations between value chain and processes

For IT executives aggregate information to the area of their interest, for example:

IT landscape for functional areas
changes due to projects
health status and economics of your IT landscape

For all employees provide architecture information and its interpretation as a “self-service” on a flexible collaboration platform

Show the relevant information and their tasks to the persons responsible for changes to build up your single point of truth

Find out more about the processes supported by the Bee4IT methodology:

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