Enable strategic steering and optimize processes

Challenges of a Financial Manager

Finance leaders have to know the allocation and usage of all IT resources (personnel, investments, and cost) to give recommendations for IT management decisions and actions. Furthermore, they have to support all operational activities.

Traditionally, the daily routine of IT Financial Managers and IT Controllers is consumed by consolidating unstructured data and information. This crowds out time for more important work. Therefore, Bee4IT minimizes the effort related to data consolidation and maximizes the support of demand-driven process optimization and strategy execution.


Check how to overcome those challenges using Bee4IT in the section below.

Enable strategic steering and requirements-based process optimization using the Bee4IT methodology

Determine the IT budget (OPEX and CAPEX) bottom-up by aggregating the planning of cost centers, services (run), and projects (build)

Adjust multi-level service and project cost allocation to products flexibly and transparent

Monitor planned and actual data using interfaces to financial systems for export of planning figures and import of actuals bookings

Ensure up-to-date financial planning data by establishing a rolling forecast for projects/services to reflect the changing needs of your organization

Move cost and delivery responsibility to the same person

Integrate all stakeholders, for example, into your project approval processes

Put your employees in charge of detailed planning of their efforts

Be aware of different information needs of stakeholders

Provide multiple views of the IT budget like run vs. change, internal vs. external, project and service portfolio cost, and business unit costs

Provide real-time data as well as planning snapshots

Use the same structure for planned, forecasted, and actual figures

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