Deliver value and showcase outcomes

Challenges of the PMO

Nowadays, the Project Management Office has to give the needed strategic support and identify and react quickly to upcoming issues. Therefore, the PMO needs to be proactive, tuned in to the business needs, and quickly adapt to changing business strategies. The PMO must have a full overview of the IT portfolio and incoming demands and analyze and prioritize business cases and project proposals considering their effect on value chains and their processes.

Since project and service managers use individual tools and methods, it is difficult for the PMO to evaluate the overall IT portfolio as a basis for delivering maximum value.


Check how to overcome those challenges using Bee4IT in the section below.

Deliver value and showcase outcomes using the Bee4IT methodology

In Bee4IT business cases and EA impact analyses enable a reasonable prioritization

All information together, in one place, exactly on the level needed

Multiple views of the IT budget and follow-up / overdue tasks are available

The IT budget (OPEX and CAPEX) is planned bottom-up by aggregation of cost center, service (run), and project (build) planning

Planned and actual data can be monitored (interface to financial systems for export of planning figures and import of actuals bookings)

Employees are in charge of detailed planning of their efforts

The progress of all activities in the IT portfolio can be tracked

A quick reaction to upcoming issues is enabled

The capacity utility of all IT resources is visible

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