How Bee4IT works

 Bee4IT consists of leadership assumptions and management areas supported by a flexible technology.

How Bee4IT works

Leadership assumptions

Bee4IT Leadership
Make value chains more efficient

Make collaboration and communication more effective

Focus on information relevant for steering decisions

Enable new business by Information Technology

Faster and better decisions thanks to the decision-making authority of the executors

The right focus between global and local IT ensures efficient support of the business

The same person is accountable for costs and delivery

Organizational structure develops people and provides for highly productive resources

Project and Service Management delivers IT products to the customer by flexible utilization of provided resources

Regular benchmarks (hourly rates, services, products) ensure a competitive value performance

All employees can see the status of each project, service, and change request

Nobody is perfect – any proposal for improvement is very welcome

Management Areas


Bee4IT Toolbox
Preconfigured for all Bee4IT management areas

Flexibly to accommodate to customer requirements

Role-based data access

Integrated Business Intelligence for reporting

Exchange data with your core systems automatically via proven interfaces:

– Financial data (for example with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics)

– HR and organizational data (for example with Active Directory, SAP HR)

– IT Service Management data (for example with Remedy)

– Document repositories (for example with SharePoint, SAP)

– Agile development tools (for example with Jira)

Further customer specific interfaces can be easily created using our flexible standard technologies (for example, web services, SAP RFC, Excel interfaces)

All steering-relevant data available in one place

Data imports from other systems via automated interfaces

No redundant data




Depending on your corporate policies and required level on integration with other core systems you can run Bee4IT either in your own data center or in a private cloud.

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