Niklas Ålemark – Managing Director

“At Clausmark we make a real difference and deliver tangible results – not just abstract concepts and strategies. Using our best-in-class tools and processes to create real value, not to mention a big smile on the face of the customer, is both rewarding and fun. Being supported by a strong team of motivated and highly skilled professionals is crucial not only during project execution but also when developing new and existing customer relationships.”

Sönke Claussen – Managing Director

“Clausmark combines top class management consulting with strong technical skills. Our concepts and methodologies are proven practice of successful organizations. We are working goal-oriented with passion in an international team of highly skilled experts.”

Philipp Hansert – Director Sales

“The ever faster-moving and changing world demands an increasingly high degree of agility and innovation from companies and especially their IT.
That’s why our customers value the ability to act and make decisions using our IT Management System at any time anywhere. As a hidden champion, we consider ourselves as responsible to provide not only modular solutions for individual IT applications, but also an integrated, comprehensive view from a single source. With Bee4IT, our customers receive an integrated system for the ideal control of their IT, which enables them to use resources efficiently and to gain space and time for innovative action.”

Timm Bauten – Director Management Consulting & Solutions

“At Clausmark we work flexibly and efficiently and we manage to “export” our way of working to our clients. This fulfils my preference of changing/delivering what is important instead of following more or less meaningless processes. We deliver new methodologies, drive change in the organization and provide a tool to steer the client’s IT – not just slide decks.”

Katharina Flesch – Director Bee4IT

“Working at Clausmark means to work in a positive, supportive and result-focused team. As our customer`s success in their business is our biggest success, we always give our best to support their business processes as efficient as possible. This usually is done in friendly and cooperative collaboration with our clients.”

Alexander Schuster – Manager Enterprise Architecture

“Every customer brings new challenges that need to be mastered. Through the direct customer contact one learns a lot about different company cultures and subject-specific questions. For the solutions, we can rely on our Bee4IT methodology on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have an enormous amount of expertise at our company. All employees are teamplayers, which means that we are never alone and can meet the requirements quickly and efficiently. In addition, we are supported by our flexible platform here. These two factors enable us to work together with our customers to create a common success story.”

Janina Leiser – Manager Financial Management

“Clausmark is a company with a positive, team-oriented and motivating working environment. The flexible structure of Bee4IT allows the different customer requirements to be implemented effectively. The integration and connection of the different areas makes it possible to create a comprehensive evaluation of the entire business processes and thus to analyze these processes and to design them efficiently and success-oriented.”

Jan Seckler – Manager Program & Portfolio Management

“As an IT organization meeting even the most basic requirements becomes harder and harder as the constant change of our digital environment itself forces us to adapt at ever higher rates. So the question to us is: How can we push innovation and transformation while at the same time ensure the IT is and stays a reliable partner to business? Our answer to this question is Bee4IT.
Highly integrated and standardized management processes combined with an automated reporting from one project up to the entire portfolio reduce the complexity and effort of your day-to-day business to a minimum. Here you are enabled to adapt quickly where needed, with all relevant impacts highlighted.
Now that resources are freed, Bee4IT will let you track business initiatives and their objectives shaping the future portfolio next to smaller demands. This ensures the business to run smoothly while you can bring innovation and transformation to your enterprise.”

Johannes Ledermann – Manager Bee4IT Template

“Not only does Clausmark provide consulting excellence like IT management with Bee4IT but with our tool BeeCore we can lead the way towards enhancements that matter in our work of process design and implementation. All colleagues at Clausmark are friendly and committed. Besides implementing and designing processes, I’m in the position to scrutinize the purpose of processes in the context of the big picture and help to achieve better results for both the customer and our Bee4IT Template”.

Maximilian Hrabowski – Director Development

“Our development team aims at delivering versatile and long-lasting software solutions that even fulfill the most challenging requirements of our customers without sacrificing the common functionality of a standard product.

The open and friendly work environment at Clausmark is the basis for achieving this goal.”

Dr. Tanja Hartmann – Director Development Planning & Support

“At Clausmark I particularly appreciate the flat hierarchies, the enthusiastic, qualified, and cooperative colleagues, the various topics the different departments work on in multidisciplinary teams, and the satisfied customers which use the Clausmark software solutions BeeCore and Bee4IT out of conviction. This is a huge motivation; making my everyday work fascinating and comfortable.”

Christian Dengiz – Director Human Resources

“For me, Clausmark is undoubtedly one of the top employers in Germany. Especially the familiar working atmosphere gives me a particularly good feeling every morning to start the day successfully.

In addition to the pleasant working atmosphere, my personal Clausmark highlights include the numerous team events, flat hierarchies, friendly offices, the generous selection of beverages/fruit/sweets and much more, coupled with a state-of-the-art workplace in the heart of Karlsruhe.”

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